A body of painting which I started about fifteen years ago is based on sub aquatic and microscopic life forms. 

Using the flow of poured and dribbled enamel paint the behaviour of the fluid paint was replicating much of the invertebrate jelly like qualities of the subject matter.

These starting points, movement loaded passages, were embellished with inks, watercolours, acrylic and more enamel paints.

Trio of Tickling Polyps 2009
Fighting Sponges 2009
Trio of Tickling Polyps 2 2009
Four Polyps at Play 2010
Fighting Sponge (at rest) 2009

I found that watercolour gave me a closer representation of the fluidity of movement and the secretions of these minute organisms.

I make puddles of water the shapes of the creatures that fascinated me, I was then able to carefully place droplets of watercolour pigment and watch it flow through the shaped puddle, bringing a lifelike energy to the subject. As the puddles dried so did the dispersed pigment, the results are very similar to the simple life forms I was attempting to describe.

Again these microscopic life forms are still of interest to me, and I will continue to engage with my fascinations.

Geode and two liberated Polyps 2010
10 Helicobacter Pylori 2021

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