ANDI DAKIN          Sculpture.        Print.          Painting.         Drawing.

I use a broad range of media and processes to explore and realise my ideas.

For over forty years my creative enthusiasm and commitment to making Art has been sustained.

My work is only fully realised when it is shared with others, entertainment is an important aspect of my role as an Artist.


Man made objects often have specific useful roles to play in our lives. 

Throughout my life as an Artist I have enjoyed the challenge of giving artefacts a new role, or putting them into a new context where they are not instantly recognisable:  generating opportunities for people to make a fuller connection with the personalities of these re- assigned objects.

Through sculptural liberation: new roles and identities displace the original associations of incorporated objects.

Conversation – work in progress

Marcel Duchamp demonstrated through his early twentieth century sculpture that when you remove an object from its original context and present it as an Art work, it is enhanced and new associations are perceived.

Many Artists since Duchamp have explored this principle in their work.

Two of the best contemporary British Artists who share this enthusiasm are Bill Woodrow and Richard Wentworth.

A vital ingredient for sculpture is the space that it occupies or embraces; sculpture has to be three dimensional. 

Quarantine 2017

The surfaces of objects are often our first visual and tactile encounter,  by changing  surfaces, objects can be  substantially transformed.

Many of my sculptures have undergone resurfacing processes…….

*Colour changes, through paint or printed on ink.

Artefacts with Indeterminable Functions 2019

*Textural changes, through attaching smaller objects or removing patches of surface area.

Bag For Life 2017 (detail)

*Increasing volume, through letting close set bristles and filaments into, or attaching long protruding   features onto the surface.

Untitled 2016

My sculpture is happy and playful and hopefully it brings a positive lift to all who meet it.

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